Breastfeeding your child at night time ( particularly throughout the night ) can cause tooth decay, its just like having your child sleep with a bottle of milk which can cause baby bottle teeth decay.

Good oral hygiene is always important for kids starting from their infant age.

Helping with dental hygiene with your child – clean your child’s gums / teeth twice daily as soon as teeth begin to appear.

It’s very important for parents to take care of their own teeth while having younger infants at home because the cavity causing bacteria in your mouth can be easily transmitted to your child which increases the risk of your child getting teeth decay.

If the child is taking any other milk along with breastmilk make sure to thoroughly clean your teeth well before bedtime. Breastmilk combined with other table foods with sugar is worse than sugar alone when it comes to tooth decay, so it’s very important that no other foods are left on your baby’s teeth if you are going to be breastfeeding your child through the night.

We strongly recommend weaning your child off from breast milk by age 1, everyone has different  opinions and considerations when it comes to that.

Talk to your dentist and schedule your child’s first dental visit by age 1 to learn more.

Check out this link below from the ADA to learn more about breastfeeding and your child’s teeth.