It often starts as a  tiny, unnoticed red or white spot in your mouth but can quickly develop into something more serious.

Most oral cancers go undetected and by the time it gets detected it’s too late.

A dental hygienist is usually the first person to detect something unusual in your mouth. If you see a lesion in your mouth that is suspicious and lasts for weeks together then it’s about time to have a dentist check it ..

Usually and biopsy is done to determine if the lesion is cancerous.

There are also other signs that only you can see or feel, like difficulty swallowing, chewing, in some cases difficulty speaking and limited movement of  your jaw or tongue.

According to the oral cancer foundation “it’s estimated that every year there is at least 50,000 new cases in the United States, and close to 10,000 deaths per year from oral cancer” !!

Early treatment can save your life 🙂 Make sure to schedule your dental visit to get screened for oral cancers, it’s safe to be aware and proactive about this.