A routine check up visit at your dental office often includes dental x-rays. Often we hear from patients / parents if dental x-rays are needed or if they can skip them and just get a cleaning done ?

Its our responsibility to educate parents the importance of getting dental x-rays done atleast once a year to complete diagnosis. When a parent notices a large hole in a tooth the decay has already extended to the third layer of the tooth which is the dentin. To avoid the growth of extensive decay early intervention is to diagnose cavities when they are smaller and can be treated with simple restorations versus complex restorations such as pulpotomy and pulpectomy.

Interproximal decay( cavities that form between the teeth)  can often go undiagnosed without dental x-rays. Dental x-rays help us diagnose decay in its early stage, by doing so we are able to provide the right treatment for your child at the right time and not to have any child suffer from a cavity that has grown big and left undiagnosed.

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