Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Nov. 15 announced a new set of statewide COVID-19-related restrictions aimed at slowing the rapidly escalating pandemic, as new cases continue to rise and hospitals near capacity.

Importantly, the new restrictions do not impact dental practice. You should continue to conduct your practice as you have been, following ADA, MIOSHA, and CDC guidelines and protocols.

You should continue to reassure patients that all recommended health and safety precautions are being taken, and that it remains as safe as possible to visit the dental office. The MDA will carry the same message to the public through, Twitter, and other social media channels.

The new restrictions begin on Wednesday, Nov. 18 and will last for three weeks. They will require high school and college classes to move online; close indoor service at bars and restaurants; close theaters, arenas, and casinos; suspend organized youth sports; and limit indoor residential gatherings to two households at any time.

Note that the latest gathering restrictions do not apply to dental offices. Masks and other protocols should continue to be required for patients and followed by staff as before.

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